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To start building good credit there are secrets you should know about. One secret is the use of credit cards. When credit cards are used appropriately your credit scores can soar.

Using Secured Credit Cards
To open a secured card means you will be required to put money into an account controlled by the credit card company or bank in order to obtain the card. In this way, any debt you incur using the card is secured by the funds you've placed in the credit card company's account. It's a way for a creditor to take less risk when dealing with someone who has poor credit or no credit.

Benefits of Secured Credit cards
A secured card is just as good as any other when it comes to building credit, though. Once you've made your first payment on time for at least the minimum required amount to the creditor, you should see your credit score start to rise in the following weeks. If you carry a low balance month to month on the card, your credit should improve markedly assuming you have no other problem credit accounts pulling your score down. Other ways to build credit from scratch can include getting a low limit store card or a gas card… just be sure that you can make the payments and stay current.

While many consumers misuse credit cards and make poor decisions about purchases, management, and payment habits, you can see that responsible use of credit cards can actually be beneficial and is nearly mandatory when it comes to building and maintaining a good credit score.


FACT: Consumers really believe they can pay someone to repair/remove debts from their credit reports. NOT TRUE.

You Have a Major Tool in Front of You......... Your Computer! Use it to improve your Credit Score!
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